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In April 2017, it receives from the evaluation committee of the Joint Commission International, the golden seal of international accreditation, the highest distinction in quality in health in the world, being the first health institution in the western Colombian west to obtain it and the Fifth nationwide. In this same year the Clinical Laboratory obtained the International Accreditation of the European Federation of Immunogenetics. For 2019, the Imbanaco Medical Center traces its new strategic north focused on preserving health and life to deliver humanized and excellent care, in which the patient can have a unique experience during their care.


Imbanaco International has a group of people highly committed to the patient so that he feels at home, delivering quality care, warmth and humanism during his time at the Imbanaco Medical Center. A group of bilingual people in Imbanaco International coordinates free medical consultations, examinations, preventive checkups, hospitalization and request for a second opinion of the diagnosis or treatment. The Imbanaco Medical Center has approximately 60 international health and travel insurance companies and is responsible for managing with these all the procedures required for patient care.

In the last three and a half years we have treated a total of 2561 international patients, with an average of 640 patients per year, of different specialties. We have accompanied patients in different countries around the world, but mainly from the Netherlands Antilles, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, the United States, Bolivia and other Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Saint Marteen.

In the early 1970s, a group of professors from the Medical School of the Universidad del Valle, conceived the idea of ​​creating a specialist center, to practice their private practice. With this dream the Imbanaco Medical Center (CMI) begins, which opens its doors to the community of Cali in August 1976, with 28 offices, which would be added in the following months a small clinical laboratory and a team of X-rays. In the 80s, the Imbanaco Medical Center receives another group of specialists in the different branches of medicine, and takes an important step by opening the 24-hour Emergency, Surgery and Hospitalization services. The growing demand and the advent, in 1993, of the new social security law, raised substantive changes to the Imbanaco Medical Center as the need for the physical expansion of its facilities, so the towers A and B were built, and They opened the services of high complexity, which allowed to consolidate an offer of health services, as comprehensive as possible.

In 2014, the Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Center of the Imbanaco Medical Center received the EFQM Certificate of Excellence, awarded by the Excellent Colombia Foundation and in the same year the Third National Safe Hospital Award and the 13th place in the 2014 Hospital and Clinic Ranking , among the 42 best in Latin America, in 2015 the 12th place and in 2016 in the 13th position in the Ranking published by América Economía magazine. Currently the Imbanaco Medical Center is creditor of the five versions of Safe Hospital, granted by ACHC.

Interdisciplinary groups of the Imbanaco Medical Center, known in current medicine as groups of excellence, in recent years have made important achievements of medical science in treatments for Parkinson’s and brain tumors through stereotaxia and gamma ray surgery, as well such as minimally invasive and skull-based neurosurgery; hearing problems, with cochlear implants; heart, brain and arterial pathologies, with the implantation of devices guided by the arterial system.

The most complex orthopedic problems are treated through joint replacements, spinal injuries, with implantation of special devices, such as mechanical discs; vision problems with implantation of stromal rings that prevent corneal transplantation and infertility problems, through advanced assisted reproduction techniques, such as vitrification of ovules, embryos and semen, among other achievements

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Cardiovascular SurgeryNeurosurgeryOncologyOrthopedicsTrasplant



Names and surnames Dra Maria Fernanda Valencia
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